Meet Camille

I was working as a Project Manager in Marketing and a dancer in the Joel Hall II dance company. I found myself confused about why I was having health concerns given I was always very active, and even more unclear on the best practices for natural wellness, so I began my research.
In the process of discovering ways for natural healing I stepped away from dancing to make more time for my career and started my yoga practice. While learning the benefits of different postures and how the body reacts to different poses I started to take a closer look at the anatomy of the body and natural ways to heal it. I completed the Hot Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga in 2016 and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017.As I split my time between teaching and my career in Marketing, I became unfulfilled and wanted to do more in the health and wellness field. I enrolled in the Soma Institute specializing in Clinical Massage Therapy and Sports Massage and in 2021 I transitioned to a full time career as a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor. 
I became interested in Doula work when I witnessed my best friend giving birth to her first child 9 years ago. She was the first of our group of friends to have children and I was very confused in the room and didn’t know how to help. She had a doula and she made the space calm, it totally turned this confusing experience into a positive uplifting experience. It helped remove the fear of it all, at least for me. From here I’ve always had an interest in this field but never had the time to explore it. I worked long hours in corporate, danced and then taught yoga a couple days out of the week for about 9 years when I made the shift to massage full time. I then had space to make my own schedule and I found myself looking into the field of birth work again, and now my mindset is even different because I’m older I’ve now had several friends give birth and witnessed horror stories of their experiences and now my mission is greater. I work to support my clients and let them know what options are available to them when giving birth as well as helping to make sure they are safe and spoken for during this most vulnerable time.