April New Moon & Solar Eclipse

There is still time to make time… the new moon peaked on Monday and the energy is still felt amongst us.

New moons give us a chance to rest and reflect on what has transpired in the previous cycle, what we like, what we don’t like, and take time to be intentional about what we want to change. Honor the energy you are feeling and plant seeds of intention under this new moon.

With the Solar Eclipse happening on the same day this energy is enhanced.

Solar eclipses happen only at the new moon phase, when the the Moon casts a shadow on Earth,

and blocks or partially blocks our view of the Sun.

This is the last total solar eclipse to cross the United States until 2044.

Aries ♈️ Energy

The New Moon in the sign of Aries peaks on April 8th.

The new moon calls for rest, reflection, manifesting and planting seeds for growth.

The sign of Aries ushers in an “all about me” energy that is well needed at this time.

A new found focus on identity and freedom will be front and center.

Aries symbolizes courage, strength, and fierce confidence.

This eclipse encourages us to tap into this energy  and focus on how we will achieve our goals, amongst the chaos around us.

As the moon blocks the sun during a solar eclipse, we gain insight into whatever is blocking our way as we look towards the future.

The Aries energy draws us inward and a new found confidence is born.

Allow the darkness that covers our land to bring to light a new awareness of what you need to be successful on this journey.

You are aligned with nature and this energy is calling for honest reflection within yourself and all around you.  

Take this time to listen to your soul…


Rest is part of the process, the new moon is a restful reflective time.

Be present, be intentional, plant your seeds for a strong foundation.