February Full Moon

At the new moon phase, we learned to honor where we stand energetically;

rest, reflect, and intentionally plant seeds that will inspire change.

The Full Moon marks midway point in the lunar cycle,

when the light is at its brightest and fullest.

As we reflect on different aspects of our lives,  

the full moon brings everything to the  surface and calls for a time to release what no longer serves us at this phase in our life.  

Feel your power and honestly acknowledge anything that may be holding you back.

Honor the full moon by honoring introspection…

Virgo Energy

This full moon peaks on February 24, 2024 in the Earth sign Virgo.

The grounding sign of Virgo,

shines light on  processing what has been happening in your life, at a birds eye view.

Not just feeling the feels,

but also determining what we need in order to approach situations fully

and move forward in a healthy way.

To not just survive but thrive.

While Virgo represents Mother Earth and divine balance,

it also rules Mercury, our communication and organization.

This is a time to intentionally keep things true and make things work for you.

From nourishing the body with hydration, sun, healthy foods,

to organizing routine structures in order to achieve a balance that synchronizes with our personal well-being.

Creating order under this Virgo full moon energy is less about control,

more about creatively structuring your life in a way that creates balance

between pouring out and pouring inward.

Let the Virgo energy enhance your push to make change

spiritually, physically and mentally.  

Feel grounded and create your own natural divine balance.

With the Sun in Pisces,

there is additional supportive energy on self introspection,

moving us to create space for our emotions.

With this comes a deepening connection to our spirituality

and allows us to reflect on our shadows and be in tune with our dreams.

Tapping into creativity and imagination.

With this culminating energy of Virgo and Pisces,

we will naturally shed anything that is not working in accordance with our current needs, and take steps to design the life we want to live,

honoring our dreams and desires within.

Revisit your intention from the new moon.

Release what is not aligned.

Release the attachment to the previous way you operated,

in order to step into your new way of living.

Be present, be intentional.

Take a moment, drink some tea, breathe…

Listen to your spirit and let your connection to nature lead the way…

  • How has your sense of organization shifted throughout your life? Is there something you may need to relearn or unlearn?
  • What is something that generally makes you feel nourished? Healthy meals, exercise routines…What is healthy and healing for you?
  • What areas can use your attention to detail right now?
  • What do I need to release? People, environment, habits…

Bonus- Full Moon Ritual:

  • Write down what has not been aligned with the life you want to live. What hasn’t been working, What has created unhealthy habits, What are those unhealthy habits? Write them all down on a piece of paper. Are you ready to let them go?
  • Safely burn the paper. Outside if you can. As the paper turns to ash, visualize the things you want to release from your life. Say a prayer or affirmation expressing gratitude to the universe for providing this cleansing full moon energy to assist you in this process.
  • Take a deep breath in, breathing in the cool air, and breath out… conclude with your deepest inhale and your longest exhale…. Namaste 🙏🏽