February New Moon

The New Lunar Cycle has commenced. New moons give us a chance to rest and reflect on what has transpired in the previous cycle, what we like, what we don’t like, and take time to be intentional about what we want to change. Honor the energy you are feeling and plant seeds of intention under this new moon. Aquarius ♒️ Energy The New Moon in the sign of Aquarius peaks on February 9th. The new moon  calls for rest and reflection, creating visions for the future, manifesting. The sign of Aquarius brings in the sense of practicality surrounding your goals. It’s becoming clear, you have to shed the old in order to rise up and through. The acknowledgement that you want different results, and the introspection of “have I evolved through the situations that have occurred,  into who I need to be in order to receive these manifestations I have been calling on.” The Aquarius energy shines the spotlight on goals, and balancing planning with ambition. Breathe new light and perspective  into your life, this energy is supporting you in remembering the lessons and applying them in an innovative and practical way. A different perspective can help, an outside resource could be valuable, whatever it is, new workings will create new results, and we must think in alignment with what we want. Take this time to listen to yourself, what your soul is calling into focus. Trust it. Honor your current energy by laying things out and planning your next move. Continue to set your intentions, but get specific. Be detailed and get clear. WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE MANIFESTATIONS I AM CALLING OUT REMEMBER TO REST Rest is part of the process, the new moon is a restful reflective time. Be present, be intentional before acting. The new moon ends the previous phase and initiates the new beginnings.