July New Moon 🌑

The New moon is considered the lowest energetic point in the lunar cycle,

where none of the suns light is reflected on the moon during this time.

The start of this new lunar cycle is the cosmic way of encouraging us to (like the moon)

draw energy inward

as you build towards the Full Moon.

New moons give us a chance to rest and reflect on what has transpired in the previous cycle,

and take time to be intentional about what we want to change in the new cycle.

Honor this new moon by

acknowledging your feelings and surrendering that which you cannot control.

Mindfully plant the seeds of intention that

align with your journey.

The moon is in your favor,

let it be your personal guide.

The New Moon in the sign of Cancer

peaks on July 5th.

This is your call for rest, reflection, and manifestation.

The Cancer energy enhances the call for prioritizing rest, healing and protecting your peace.

This water sign encourages us to

pour into ourselves,

so that we can give from the overflow and

not from a place of exhaustion.

Your brain and your spirit are calling for internal focus.

It feels a bit easier to create boundaries, and flow like water through our lives.

Spending time in your home, nourishing ourselves by taking care of our most sacred spaces.

With the Sun also in Cancer,

the shell represents protection of your energy

from the outside world.

The idea that I’ve been working hard and now it’s time to set boundaries so that I can have space for myself.

With the sun and the moon,

the inner world and outer world,

coming together under this same sign,

If it’s not flowing right, don’t force it.

This strong Cancer energy encourages you to disconnect in order to

protect your psyche,

honor your emotions,

and comforting your spirit.

Take this time to quiet the outside world,

in order to nourish the body, indulging in your self-care and listen to your spirits needs.

Allow this rejuvenation process to flow freely,

without judgement or worry of what the outside world may think.

Let this self-care, self protection energy

engulf your spirit and encourage you to be centered.

Give yourself permission to think about yourself,

Show yourself some love.


Rest is part of the process,

the new moon is a restful, reflective time.

Be present, be intentional,

plant your seeds for a strong foundation..