March Full Moon & Spring Equinox

At the new moon phase, we learned to honor where we stand energetically;

rest, reflect, and intentionally plant seeds that will inspire change.

The Full Moon marks the midway point in the lunar cycle,

when the light is at its brightest and fullest.

We mirror this full moon energy as we feel the emotional build up;

this is the time to shift the weight and

release what does not serve us in this current phase.

With the sun in Aries bringing in the Spring Equinox,

it is important to honor our connection with nature and clear our space,

make room for new energy, new movement,

change and growth.

If you have that random urge to clear out that closet, go for it!

Something may be revealed to you.

Honor the calling…

Libra & Aries Energy

The full moon lunar eclipse occurred March 25, 2024 in the air sign Libra.

The balanced charismatic influence of Libra energy is amplified as we feel this renewed since of balance between assessing what we need to release in order to move forward.

Relationships are under a microscope at this time,

from business to personal, all are being assessed,

and the shift is now!

With the Sun in Aries, we feel a since of a fresh start to asserting ourselves and displaying the growth from the seeds we’ve planted all winter long.

It is time to bloom.

The fog has cleared as we transition from

Winter to Spring.

Feel lighter and powerful.

Begin the Spring Detoxification,

clear out old stagnant energy,

release it from your space and your body.

You are being called to deepen your introspection.

With the assistance of the Aries and Libra energy,

we are encouraged, to shed anything that is not working in accordance with our

current energy and goal.

Let this confident energy wash all over and

through you.

Release any attachments to the previous way,

in order to step into your new way of living.

Be present, be intentional.