May Full Moon

At the new moon phase

we honored our personal time with

rest and reflection.  

We intentionally planted seeds that will inspire the change we seek.

The full moon marks the midway point

in the lunar cycle,

when the light is at its brightest and fullest.

As we reflect on different aspects of our lives,  

the full moon brings everything to the surface and calls for a time to release what no longer serves us at this phase in our life.  

Feel your power, acknowledge anything that may be coming up for you.

Sagittarius Energy

This Full Moon peaks on Thursday, May 23rd in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

This midway mark in the cycle shines a spotlight on what’s working, and what’s not,

as we enter the next half of the journey.

Sagittarius energy brings in focus, optimism, and encourages us to take on new perspectives.

This fiery energy encourages us to release stagnant energy and look at the bigger picture.

With the Sun in opposition in the sign of Gemini,

you may feel a burst of inspiration, critical thinking with a mix of creativity.

As the summer season commences,

just like the flowers around us,

it is time for us to bloom.

This is why this moon is called the Flower Moon.

Both the sun and moon are in mutable signs,

which creates a more easy going energy.

But that fiery Sagittarius energy…

adds that extra spark, we all have been needing.

Let it shine from within.

As you reflect during this full moon,

emotions may be high,

but its time to shake things up and

release any stagnant energy and restrictions you’ve mentally put on yourself.

Feel inspired as spring transitions to summer,

and allow this playful energy that the universe has provided to uplift you.

Release the attachment

to the previous way you operated,

in order to step into your new way of living.

Be present, be intentional.

Take a moment, drink some tea, breathe…

Listen to your spirit and let your connection to nature lead the way…

Ask yourself…

What would it look like if all of your dreams came true?

Indulge in those idea, for you.

Open your mind to the “what if’s” - but this time, in a good way…

It’s no longer “what if I fail?” - but ultimately what if you fly?!…

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Write down any fears that have been weighing on you on a piece of paper. Are you ready to let them go?
  • Safely burn the paper. Outside if you can. As the paper turns to ash, visualize those fears being released from your life. Say a prayer or affirmation expressing gratitude to the universe for providing this cleansing full moon energy to assist you in this process.
  • Take a deep breath in, and a releasing breath out… conclude with your deepest inhale and your longest exhale…. Namaste 🙏🏽