May New Moon...Grounding in my Abundance

May New Moon

The New moon is considered the lowest energetic point in the lunar cycle,

zero of the suns light is reflected on the moon

during this time.

The start of this new lunar cycle is the cosmic way of encouraging us to (like the moon)

rest, reset, draw energy inward,

as you build towards the Full Moon.

New moons give us a chance to reflect on what has transpired in the previous cycle,

and take time to be intentional about what we want to change in the new cycle.

Honor this new moon by

honoring the energy you are feeling,

and planting seeds of intention that

align with your journey.

The moon is in your favor,

let it be your personal guide.

Taurus ♉️ Energy

The New Moon in the sign of Taurus

peaked on May 7th.

It’s a call for rest, reflection, and manifesting.

This added Taurus energy encourages organization, consistency and structure.

Coming out of Aries Eclipse season, with this heightened new idea energy

that has been surrounding us,

this new Taurus energy encourages us to take all of those new ideas,

ground down and make it all make sense.

How can you create structure and forward movement,

as you begin to incorporate new elements in your life that are aligned with your intention or goal?

The new moon is fruitful,

and reflecting and organizing is the action.

Taurus aligns with finance, order and

consistency in order to create.
New ideas become clearer and start to piece themselves together.

The work you have put in is not only sustaining you,

but it’s calling for elevation now,

it’s time to start the new chapter.

Up-level yourself.

Setting the foundation helps you find your power, your “control”.

Map it out and take this time to listen to your soul…


Rest is part of the process,

the new moon is a restful, reflective time.

Be present, be intentional,

plant your seeds for a strong foundation.