The First Full Moon of 2024

At the new moon phase we learned to honor where we stand energetically, letting  clarity around what we have the capacity for lead the way. Your energy level may have shifted and you’re now feeling pulled in many directions, but…trust yourself.

You are doing the work. If you are simply reading this with intent to receive a message to take with you to relfect, to write in your journal, a moment of breathing to honor the full moon energy. You are working… Maybe not at the highest capacity you would have wanted, but even in this moment you are honoring your connection with nature.

Let’s see where it takes you.

Leo Energy

The first Full moon of the new year January 25, 2024 in the Fiery sign of Leo. The Full moon marks midway point in the lunar cycle when the light is the brightest. As we reflect on different aspects of our lives,  the full moon calls for a time to release what no longer serves us at this phase in our life.  

The fiery sign of Leo shines a light on our passions, a heightened sense of self and self-expression, vitality. This beautifully bold energy illuminates our desires and encourages us to step into the spotlight and allow ourselves to embrace our desire of wanting some level of recognition and celebration. With this energy coming up for us, we can explore what makes us feel fulfilled, accomplished, and be courageous in our next move.  

With the Sun in Aquarius, there’s innovation, humanitarian values and freedom of individuality, that calls for the need to strike a balance between meeting the needs of people around us, and still having enough detachment in order to honor ourselves and our honest desires.

The balance of self and our community.

With this culminating energy, it’s a great time to shed whatever is not working in accordance with our best self and needs, and take steps to design the life we want to live.

Revisit your intention from the new moon.

Release what is not aligned.

Call on your village

In the way that serves your energy level, there are so many ways to communicate and although we are still in a restful season, we can commune, trade ideas, and form connections in different ways. This will feel a little easier but keep that same energy of checking in with self first before overextending. Continue to honor that energy level when determining your interaction.

Get creative, make things work for you.

Be clear and vocal about how you’re feeling and how you want life to feel for you.

Release the attachment to the previous way you operated, in order to step into your new way of living. Releasing  is part of the process, the full moon is a potent time to shed what does not serve you at this place in your journey.

Be present, be intentional.