The First New Moon of 2024

Maybe for a brief moment you’ve felt things may not be totally all over the place, although… everything can still be all over the place 🤣😩… but there is a sense of strength and endurance in the undertone at this time . Maybe your mindset has shifted, maybe your inner voice is speaking a little clearer about where you stand energetically. Clarity around what you have the capacity for and planning accordingly….That is your power.

Capricorn Energy

The first new moon of the new year January 11, 2024 in the sign of Capricorn. The new moon calls for rest and reflection, creating visions for the future and manifesting. The sign of Capricorn brings in the sense of practicality and organization, which ushers in a new focus on structure and discipline. The grounding earth energy from this sign helps us to create order while being pragmatic about what we can do and what needs to be done.

Capricorn brings a hospitable, practical and realistic approach, which helps us understand that planning is a form of productivity, it creates balance and sustainability. Take this time to listen to yourself, what your soul is calling into focus. Trust it. Honor your current energy by laying things out and planning your next moves. Continue to set your intentions, but get specific. Be detailed and get clear.


Rest is part of the process, the new moon is a restful reflective time. Be present, be intentional before acting. The new moon ends the previous phase and initiates the new beginnings.