The New Moon In The Sign Of Gemini

The New Moon in the sign of Gemini

peaks on June 6th.

This is your call for rest, reflection, and manifesting.

The Gemini energy ushers in the momentum surrounding communication, open mindedness,

holding space for the good and bad ,the yin and Yang.

The two heads hold complexities,

but this mutable sign embodies all sides, and highlights the ability to shift when needed.

Gemini is ruled by communication and creativity,

so let’s find our voice.

Your brain and your spirit are now open to receive.

Gemini makes us open to socialize, its feels a bit easier to communicate and exchange of info.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded people, those that want what you want will offer clarity

and encourage this shift.

With sun also in Gemini,

Clarity energy is surfacing, ridding ourselves of stagnant energy.

This strong Gemini energy offers that childlike essence of trying something new,

Let it engulf you and encourage you to try something out, figure out a different angle or approach.

Start with what will make you feel good, or thinking about where the issue is, or what could make things better or easier for me on this journey. Try a different solution. Get innovative, try something you haven’t tried before.

The energy is here for you now,

Acknowledge it and allow the creative flow and answers to come to you,

and then… put it all in motion.

Hold space for your ideas, let it all flow as it should.

Use this creative energy to breathe in new life,

while acknowledging where you are and who you are and what you want to become.

The Gemini speaks to our creativity and our youth when there was no fear it was just what you felt,

use this energy to get back to the place where there was no fear.

Hold space for your ideas, let it flow as it should. 

Allow yourself to capitalize on the new moon energy by trying a different solution, something new and see if it helps you on your journey. 

Writing Prompt for this New Moon:

Drink some tea, light Palo Santos

Create 3 affirmations for yourself ( repeat twice daily/ Morning and Night)

Free form flow of consciousness:

Find your voice, listen to your spirit, what do you feel? What do you need? What would make things easier? How can you get it? Think outside the box, perhaps in a different form, but still helpful in your Journey.